Life Update: What in the world is Ivana up to?

orange tree

Dear Reader, I’m sorry. I have not been nearly as consistent as I had planned, but I promise that will change. I thought when I finished school I’d have all this time to write, but the truth is I felt rather uninspired. I wasn’t travelling – or doing much of anything, for that matter. There were […]

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10 Essential Apps for Travellers

10 essential apps for travel

I’ll be the first to admit that my iPhone is my most important travel tool. From taking great photos to checking in to flights to showing me how to get around town, there’s not much it can’t do. True to the saying, when it comes to simplifying travel, there’s an app for that. Here are my top […]

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How to Spend 24 Hours in Victoria, BC

victoria legislature british columbia

Victoria has the misfortune of living in Vancouver’s far-reaching shadow. While it’s true that Vancouver is a cosmopolitan city that I believe everyone should visit at least once (though I doubt you’ll ever want to leave once you’re there!) it’s time British Columbia’s breathtakingly beautiful capital city got the attention it deserves. True to its […]

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